Arcadia Alive PCMS

A Digital Performance & Competency Management System

Arcadia Alive PCMS is a cloud based Performance & Competency Management System, providing you with:

  • Competency Management: assess & raise competency levels across all roles, departments, & divisions of your organisation
  • Documents & Forms Management: deploy documents & assessment forms to multiple users, and receive responses directly into your PCMS
  • Learning Management System (LMS) integration: raise performance via competency development

Competency Management Software Arcadia Alive PCMS

  • Your competency framework can be easily entered onto PCMS
  • Employees can be assessed directly against your Competency Framework
  • Customised forms & documents can be centrally deployed to multiple users for assessment or information purposes
  • Assessment data is collected in real-time via phones, tablets, or on PCs, & is synchronised into your PCMS
  • Links to relevant on-line learning & support modules (LMS) are included, actively developing competence
  • Your organisation’s complete Competency Data at your fingertips for assessment, tracking & evaluation

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